May 19

True Workplace Injury Lawsuits – Legal Matter In The News

If a paper cut was the worse workplace injury you have suffered, then stop complaining. Here are some real stories of people who filed lawsuits against work-related injuries- and won!

Three undocumented workers (two from Mexico, one from Ecuador) were awarded settlements totaling $3.85 million for on-the-job work-related injuries. This particular lawsuit is significant because it delivers the clear message that an employer is responsible for the safety of any worker they hire- even if the workers are illegal immigrants, or undocumented workers. The three workers were injured at various construction sites in New York City and surrounding boroughs. One worker who was scalded by an exploding pipe was awarded the largest amount, $2.5 million. The other workers were awarded $600,000 to $750,000 from injuries incurred by falling objects. In these cases, the workplace injury lawyer who was hired found these workers were unable to voice complaints due to language barriers. The lawyer represented them and helped them receive compensation for the workplace injuries.

General Motors Corporation and Ford Motor Corporation were ordered to pay $2 million to a former employee. The employee is a retired mechanic who was not informed that many of his tools contained asbestos. After many years of exposure, the mechanic developed mesothelioma, a type of cancer of the lung pleural membranes. Asbestos exposure is a known cause of cancers. The mechanics lawyer argued successfully that the employers, GM and Ford, were liable for the health problems of their employee. In this case, GM and Ford failed to warn him of the dangers of asbestos.

Dole Fresh Fruit Co. was ordered to pay $3.3 million in total settlements to six workers. The workers filed a lawsuit contending that exposure to pesticides while on the job made them sterile. The lawsuit was successful since the lawyer was able to prove Dole concealed the dangers of the pesticide, and also two outside companies who sold the pesticides to Dole also hid the warning information about the dangers of the pesticides.


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