Oct 09

Retaining Foreign Legal Counsel In Thailand

As one of the largest cities on the planet and a central hub for trade in Southeast Asia, Bangkok is the spoke in the proverbial wheel for anyone seeking to do business in the Far East. When living, working, or investing in Thailand it may become necessary to retain legal advice. For Thai legal matters, it is always advisable to retain a Thai attorney. However, in transactions involving multiple jurisdictions, it may be necessary to hire an attorney licensed in a jurisdiction other than Thailand. A major obstacle often faced when searching for a foreign attorney: separating the, “wheat from the chaff,” because Thailand has no mechanism for registering and regulating foreign lawyers.

In Asian jurisdictions such as Singapore and Hong Kong (to name just two) the authorities have promulgated legislation for registering and monitoring the activities of practicing foreign lawyers. The upshot of this system is a foreign legal community that is transparent and above board. In Bangkok, the operations of non-Thai lawyers and “legal advisers,” are constricted and not specifically delineated. Thailand, as a member of the World Trade Organization, has signaled its intent to open its market to international trade and services. Nevertheless, the Kingdom of Thailand has not yet carried out many of her obligations required of members of the World Trade Organization specifically, and of particular import for the purposes of this piece, those requirements dealing with foreign lawyer registration.

Pursuant to relevant sections of the foreign business act which was promulgated in 1999, non-Thai nationals are restricted from the practice of law. However, a non-Thai could theoretically acquire a foreign business license granting the conferee the right to administer a “legal service business,” as specified in the third section of the appendix of the Thai foreign business act. Thailand legislation seems to have distinguished

Oct 09

Support and services offered by Jackson Medical Legal Consultant

When a worker is injured at the workplace then he can contact Jackson medical legal consultant for the need and also to get the authorized compensation with their help. If injured contact them immediately.

If one is suffering from any kind of injury which is occurred at workplace then one should make it a point to immediately report to medical consultant at the earliest. Jackson medical legal consultant has experience in this field and they spend lot of time in doing their practice. The consultants are given up to date information about the latest events and about the latest technologies which are used presently so that it is useful for them in their practice. They make use of the personalized equipments which trend together very well. If one want to seek help from them one can easily contact the practitioners and examiners for the purpose easily which will be very effective. The practitioners or examiners will carefully examine each and every case which they handle and show the best results with a specific plan.

They plan out the treatment and they will look for possibilities that result in an unexpected event. If the event has happened in the workplace then the worker who is affected is liable to claim for the workers compensation. According to the examination and assessment done by the consultants they will help the people with the quality treatment options which help the worker considerable and at the same time save time and money. To make strong case to win here all the parties which are involved in the case are gathered collectively who are involved with the case are closely worked with so best result. Here the consultants will mainly focus for the worker who is injured with the manager of the case, they will suggest

Oct 08

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Companies in India

In India, legal outsourcing work is tremendously increasing from the last few years. Indian LPOs generally outsource the legal work for US and European clients. Some Indian LPOs also provide knowledge process outsourcing services with legal offshore.

They do the law based information searches such as Litigation support, paralegal work, secretarial support, patent landscape reports, patent mapping, contract review, legal information extraction for patent invalidation and due diligence. Indian LPOs are preferably providing high quality patent litigation services to the European and US law firms.

The positive outcome of a patent litigation case in terms of enormous amount of money could be used as a key financial investment support for that company. LPOs follow a multi-level process by performing a structured goal-oriented team work with specialized attorneys and various subject matter experts.

According to a LPO report of Valuenotes (November, 2009), India is a dominant offshore destination. Countries like Philippines, South Africa are also leading in the growth of LPO industries. Every year they are increasing their revenues much.

Supportive factors for the market growth of LPOs in India:

1. Easy availability of legal professional and subject matter experts in India.

2. Cost efficiency is the major benefit for the clients of the Indian legal process outsourcing companies. In comparison of onshore outsourcing in US and Europe, services of Indian LPOs are 40-50% cheap.

3. Indian legal system is very similar with the US legal system. Because, both are originated from the British legal system.

4. Offers high-end quality works to the clients.

5. Trustworthy deals and confidential behavior of legal professionals both are very helpful in enhancing their credibility among the clients.

6. Indian LPOs contain better data security systems. Most of the companies are ISO certified for their effective data security management systems.

7. Better matching of Indian time zone with the US and European time zone, which reflects

Oct 07

Protecting the debtors suing legal measures

Debt refers to an obligation to pay or to do something for someone. Several factors may result in this. These factors can result in indebtedness of a person singly or in a combined manner. These factors include:

Decrease in income of a person Sudden increase in medical expenditure Divorce related expenditure, alimony, child support Absence of habit to save Poor manner in which financial goals are communicated

Most citizens are unaware about different sections of law leave aside the impact of debt law and settlement law on their lives. The settlement laws create a circumstance where your creditors are able to get the money back. This of course is done maintaining a legal procedure.

A person who is severely affected by this should take assistance from an expert debt lawyer. He is the person who is going to be of greatest help to you. As creditors use several techniques to squeeze the money out of debtors, the government has taken several steps to protect the debtors. This of course is done without curbing the interest of the creditors. As a result, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act came into being. This act was added to the Consumer Protection Act in 1978.

The fair debt collection law addresses the prevention of deceptive and abusive practices related to the collection. The previously mentioned act includes:

Acceptable time to contact a debtor in regard to repayment by a creditor or an agency hired by the creditor to work on his behalf As per this act a consumer can’t be contacted by a creditor or his hired agency, if the debtor has already stated inability for repayment. This condition holds true in case the debtor has refused to accept any communication from creditors. Calling a debtor repeatedly, ringing his

Oct 06

Roles And Responsibilities Of The China Legal Representative

Every business established in China, whether domestic or foreign, is required to have a legal representative. He/she is the main principal of the company and is the employee with the legal power to represent and enter into binding obligations on behalf of the company in accordance with the law or articles of association of the company. Essentially, the legal representative is someone who is appointed to act on the companys behalf and Article 38 of the General Principles of Civil Law of the Peoples Republic of China defines the role as the responsible person who performs the duties and powers on behalf of a legal person in accordance with the law or the constituent documents of the legal person.

However, foreign investors often have only a limited understanding of the legal representatives role and are startled when they learn of their power and how difficult it is to replace an un-cooperative one. Legal representatives possess broad powers and potentially unlimited liability. When concluding a contract a legal representatives acts are binding on the company even if he/she is acting beyond their authorized scope. Failure to properly understand the powers and responsibilities of a legal representative can therefore lead to a situation where foreign investors are held to ransom. In appointing a legal representative, it is vital to bear in mind that the legal representative will essentially have the full keys to the company, cash, and capital.

The supervisor
Amendments to the PRC Company Law require a new company established on or after January 1, 2006 to appoint a supervisor, or board of supervisors depending on the size of the company, whose role is to monitor the activities of the legal representative. Shareholders and employee representatives of a company can act as supervisors. However, members of the companys board of

Oct 05

Free Downloads Mp3 Music Legal Or Not .

The whole music industry is facing its biggest threat today people can now downloads mp3 music at no charge, no catch, no strings attached. This results in the decline of their sales and they could be seeing an all time low soon. Free download sites, more often than not, are illegal sites but people take advantage of the service rather than buy expensive CD albums in traditional music shops. Legal free music downloads are only a privilege you get for new songs being promoted online and these free mp3 music files can be downloaded within a specific period of time before it expires.

How I wish that we can downloads mp3 music for free. It would have been amazing for all music problems but we know it cant happen because being free is something too much of a good thing that we dont normally get out of life. If you want or need something, it is but normal that you have to pay for it. Mp3 music downloads sites that are legit are some of the most important income sources of the music industry. If mp3 music will only be given for free, the music industry will surely die before we know it.

As a music lover, if you want to hear more quality produced songs, then we should support legal music download sites. They may not be free but they offer membership packages that offer great value for your money. Membership fees are not even that expensive and you can even opt for the unlimited subscription service paid one time and gives you the privilege to downloads mp3 music for as long as you live!

You may also go for the pay-per-download package which is very affordable as well but ideal for those who dont download mp3 music often.

Oct 05

Is Legal Onshoring The New Legal Outsourcing In The Us

Legal onshoring is a trend that is gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional Legal Process Outsourcing. In the US, a growing number of law firms are exploring onshoring or a hybrid of onshore and offshore legal teams to handle work that was once performed in-house.

How Onshoring Fits into the LPO Mix:

Onshoring involves the outsourcing of work domestically. The onshore LPO model is a viable alternative for legal professionals who are unwilling or unable to send work to outside jurisdictions, and allows LPO vendors to expand their delivery capabilities and service portfolios to new geographies.

Unlike the offshoring model, which focuses on reassigning legal work to lower-cost service providers overseas, onshoring transfers work to lower-income, lower-cost rural communities. Like typical LPO, onshoring allows law firms and corporations in major metropolitan areas to maximize productivity and minimize legal fees. It is no surprise that some big city law firms are sending work to small towns in Texas, the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, or even to virtual America where costs are lower.

Why Choose to Onshore Legal Work?

US law firms are recognizing that American onshore providers may be a better fit for some complex projects that require a higher degree of expertise and collaboration. The skill, knowledge, and experience of US attorneys are attractive to law firms and legal departments looking to outsource. These attorneys understand the nuances and complexities of the US legal system, which can be an advantage in litigation, IP, and M&A matters. And, while the level of expertise is high, the costs are typically lower. Furthermore, should a problem arise, onshoring is extremely beneficial because the laws of the United States will be enforced. For these reasons, many firms are reevaluating their decision to ship projects overseas, opting instead for US-based outsourcing companies.


Oct 04

Experienced Arizona Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers Can Protect Your Legal Rights!

Facing criminal charges can emotionally traumatic for anyone. However, fear and panic are no solutions to your legal problems. If you or someone you know is facing any criminal charges anywhere in the state of Arizona, contact Gaxiola & Associates, the experienced and skilled Phoenix criminal defense trial attorneys, for a free and candid evaluation: 602-717-0631. Remember, consulting with the right lawyers is unquestionably the best thing you can do to ensure your legal and constitutional rights are protected.

Facing Criminal Accusations in Arizona?

In Arizona, many criminal charges carry mandatory imprisonment. Imprisonment, whether it is for 30 days, one year or several years, your life will be dramatically impacted. Your ability to secure gainful employment, decent housing or even bank loans can be affected. Incarceration can also bring a social stigma on you and your family and be detrimental to your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Only Experienced Arizona Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights!

When you or someone you know is facing legal trouble in Arizona, make sure to consult experienced Arizona criminal defense trial lawyers such as those at Gaxiola & Associates. These lawyers are capable, highly skilled, creative and most importantly trial experienced. They have countless years of successfully defending countless clients like you who were charged with criminal offenses involving shoplift, homicide, aggravated assault, sex crimes, drug crimes, fraud, DUI, domestic violence and many other felony and misdemeanor charges.

These Arizona criminal defense lawyers know the law. They have garnered extensive experience and honed their skills in some of the most complex of cases. They are skilled enough to gather supportive evidence and prepare written motions containing arguments that strengthen and support your case in the courts. Because these lawyers believe in the presumption of innocence and are totally unbiased in their approach, you can contact them for

Oct 03

Wiretap Legal Transcription

A wiretap is a concealed recording or listening device linked to a communications circuit that enables clandestine monitoring and collection of the actual content of VOIP, mobile or telephonic conversations by a third party. Legal transcription of such collected content is invaluable to be used as evidence in court against law breakers. Attorneys, law firms and police departments greatly benefit from this service.

Wiretap transcripts were an important part of the evidence against multiple persons involved in the Luzerne Kids-for-Cash scandal, one of the biggest judicial corruption scandals. In January 2011, recordings pertaining to Silvio Berlusconis notorious sex scandals were submitted to Parliament. It just goes to show how responsible the work of transcriptionists associated with this area is and how accuracy cannot be compromised at any cost.

Wiretap Legal Transcription Outsourcing for Assured Accuracy

Rather than get transcription performed by amateurs who may commit errors unknowingly, it is always better to get it done by experts. Outsourcing your requirements to a company specializing in legal back office services would put you in contact with such experts. The benefit for you is highly accurate transcripts (99 percent) of the secretly recorded conversations for a competitive price.

The experts at the outsourcing company are able to achieve such exceptional precision owing to the following factors:

Their own excellent command over the English language
Their familiarity of different styles and formats
Their extensive knowledge of legal terminology
3 tiered checking by editors, legal editors and proofreaders
Reference to popular resources such as Blue Book, Websters Dictionary and Stedmans Spell Check
Use of WordPerfect and advanced versions of Microsoft Word
Use of advanced media/sound players and converters such as DVIPS, GoldWave, PC Dart PlayAll, DVF, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, ICS, DSS and DVF to

Oct 03

Advantages of using legal billing software

Legal Billing or generating invoices for a client is one of the most frustrating parts of a lawyer’s profession. A doctor charges his clients a fee for a visit but an attorney charges his customers according to the time spend on their cases.He has to focus on the cases and also keep track of billable time so that he gets paid what he has earned.

Traditionally, a lawyer works on a case and then makesan invoice for the client. If an invoice is generated manually, it relies on the attorney to remember the details of the work and there are always chances of human error. If the client finds an error in the bill, oftentimes it makes the client worry that the attorney’s legal work is also erroneous, let alone giving a client an excuse not to pay a bill timely.

Most lawyers waste a good deal of time making invoices and corrections in their invoices. Time wasted is loss of money. The lawyer can use the time in fruitful tasks but he lost the time because he has to make bills manually. Taking advantage of online legal billing software allows the attorney to save time and send correct bills to his clients.

Legal billing software works by tracking time contemporaneously, that is, as the attorney is doing the work. Simply by clicking on a button in the software, the attorney can be confident knowing that his time is being tracked and his work accounted for.

The software automatically creates legal billing entries as well, based on the attorney’s billable rates. This allows the attorney to create invoices in a snap. It is an easy, simple and convenient way of making bills.

Adding to the utility of the software is the fact that it is online, which provides

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