Jul 11

Legally Carrying A Bowie Knife

Bowie knives, on the whole, require no special permits to be owned. These knives are legal within private homes most anywhere in the nation. Outside the home, however, there are certain restrictions on where these knives may and may not be carried. There are also specific requirements for how these knives are carried. Violating any such prohibition can carry very stiff consequences and, in some cases, may be charged as a felony, depending upon the circumstances.

There are always laws involved with carrying weapons, however, no matter where one lives. As long as one is in their own home, there are no restrictions on carrying or using a Bowie knife. However, when one ventures outside, the landscape is far different. Knife and other weapons laws entail a complex tangle of state, federal and local codes. One has to make certain that they’re always on the right side of these laws.

In most places where carrying Bowie knives is permitted, they must be displayed openly. This is the case in several states including Kentucky and New Mexico. This is similar to states such as Arizona, which have open carry laws that apply to firearms. As long as the knife is on a belt and not concealed in any way, there is little to worry about. To make certain of this, those with a long knife may wish to use a leg strap to make it even more obvious that there is no attempt at concealment.

Bowie knives carried in the car may need to be visible, or not, depending upon where one lives. Remember to tell any police officer who happens to pull one over that there is a weapon in the glove box before reaching for the insurance papers and registration. It’s perfectly legal in most places but most law enforcement officers do not appreciate being surprised by the presence of such weapons. If state law requires it, keep the knife visible, sheathed and preferably on the seat where there is obviously no attempt to hide it.

Bowie knives are not illegal under any federal laws, as are switchblades. This means that one does not need a permit to collect or own them in the privacy of their own home. These knives are very real weapons, however, and shouldn’t be carried without making certain that one is on the right side of the law. Remember that a concealed carry permit for a gun doesn’t necessarily translate to permission to carry a concealed knife. Never assume one has such credentials without first checking.


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