May 16

Legal Transcription Companies Maintaining High Standards In The Industry

With legal transcription companies maintaining high standards in the industry, legal professionals and law firms can save their resources, streamline their functioning and perform better for their clients. Quite like any kind of outsourced service, legal transcription outsourcing lessens the burden on legal professionals and gives them the data they need and the vital records of communications in the format they require, which would eventually help them perform better.

Technology and Expertise Come Together

One aspect that distinguishes genuine legal transcription companies is the use of technology to ensure security and accuracy of the transcription. Each transcribed file goes through multiple quality checks. The files in audio format are transcribed to the text formats required by the client. These audio formats could be MPEG, MP4, MP3, AIF, WMV, DSS, DIVX, and others. The formats to which these files can be transcribed could be TXT, DOC, PDF, XLS and RTF.

File Transfer Protocol

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an innovative software program that enables files to be transferred between the transcription company and the client securely and in a hassle-free manner. The FTP is installed in the clients computer with assistance from the transcription company. It has a user-friendly interface which clients can get accustomed to easily.

Through the FTP clients can access the files easily depending on the characteristics of the FTP developed by the legal transcription company. Legal transcription companies also provide options for sending files through encryption-secured browser-based methods.

Other Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Transcription

Legal transcription outsourcing also offers many other advantages. These include features such as:

99% accuracy of the transcription with good audio
Multiple quality checks
Great document flow management
Transcription server interface and EMR interface offered
Total work flow modules on offer
Customer service round-the-clock

Comprehensiveness and Presence of Trained Staff

There is no legal document which the legal transcription company cannot transcribe. You can request for transcripts of court proceedings, legal letters, law office recordings, legal pleadings, reports, briefs, client letters, trials, verbatim, wire tap, interrogations, telephone conversations, subpoenas, and summons. In fact, an experienced legal transcription company handles general business transcription as well.

High standards in transcription are maintained through effective training and periodic performance appraisals of transcriptionists. Legal transcription companies are present overseas as well, and depending on the preference of the client, the files can be transcribed within the country or overseas.

The Innovative Document Flow Management System

The document flow management system of an experienced legal transcription company has many great features that enable the client to interact effectively with the company. It has a customizable interface which can be made to suit the needs of your firm. It can integrate with the hardware or software requirements of your company. It also has archives of past documents and audio for clients to easily track them, and it securely logs every activity.

Legal transcription companies maintaining high standards in the industry are truly among the greatest assets for legal professionals.


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