Aug 12

How Much Does Legal Transcription Service Cost

Today, most of the legal entities including lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, courts, law firms and business firms prefer to outsource their legal transcription work to transcription companies that provide them with accurate legal transcripts at affordable cost. Legal transcription services are available for legal documents such as motions, legal pleadings, testimonies, arbitrations, briefs, minutes of meetings, general correspondence, mediation briefs, legal examinations, reports, memoranda, court transcripts, client tapes, sworn statements, summons, interviews and more.

Legal transcription outsourcing firms take the responsibility of the entire legal transcription process and deliver quality transcripts within a very short period of time. These companies usually provide legal professionals flexible dictation options for convenient and hassle-free dictation. Outsourcing helps you to save on your business overhead since it does not require hiring of extra staff to handle the legal records. It also reduces the office size, prevents backlog and brings down operating cost substantially.

Factors that Influence Legal Transcription Services Cost

As there are so many factors that affect the cost of legal transcription services, it is not easy to quote the cost specifics until your requirements are known. Normally, legal transcription service is expected to be very cost-effective and it can reduce your expenses (from 20-50%), as well as increase accuracy and turnaround time. To provide legal transcription services at affordable rate, professional companies make use of state-of-the-art transcription technology, infrastructure, technical support staff, skilled transcribers and legal experts to provide quality legal transcription solutions.

Legal transcription service cost depends on factors such as the number of lines in a document and the number of characters in a line. In general, legal transcription service charge is on a 65 character line basis. Their pricing is reasonable and companies in this field usually do not charge you for underlining, headers, footers, and bolding.

As a client, you will have to specify your particular requirements, including the turnaround time. The turnaround time plays a vital role in determining the legal transcription service cost. Majority of the legal transcription firms meet a 24 hour turnaround, enabling you to continue with your core business activities uninterruptedly. You can receive the transcribed documents via FTP or email.

Established legal transcription outsourcing firms offer various benefits such as 24×7 customer support for greater convenience; secure method of file delivery; 3 levels of quality assurance; improved data security and much more. Legal transcription services at affordable cost ensure more efficient functioning for legal professionals and law firms.


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