Oct 16

A Divorce Attorney Greenville Offers Emotional And Legal Support To The Clients

A divorce attorney is one who guides the concerned party undergoing the emotional stress of a separation by assisting in the proceedings and counseling the entire family including the children. Hiring a lawyer depends on the kind of divorce one is going through. It can be a court settlement or collaborative settlement depending on what the party’s’ intentions. As each state offers different proceedings it is advisable to hire attorneys form that state so that they can prepare all paperwork and proceedings.

Family Law

A divorce attorney specializes in family law practice. These are legal issues related to family matters that are related to a divorce case. They include spousal and child support, paternity, custody, adoption, parental rights termination, child neglect and dependency and preventing abuse. A family lawyer is more than a lawyer. He/she advises a client on legal rights assesses the case, collects evidences, documents in client’s defense to establish the case. It is a rewarding feeling to be able to help someone in need of legal assistance. But there are certain challenges of practicing family law. The toughest part is when both parties make it difficult to proceed by hurting the other party which is self defeating.

Practice and Trends

Family law practitioners must be good negotiators and litigators. They can manage time well as there is lot of interruptions. Divorce attorney Greenville has to develop a good counseling skill as their clients go through a rough time emotionally. A good understanding of financial matters of both parties is important as the lawyer advises his client and presents documents in court. People skill is very important as it is all about communicating on behalf of the client, opposition lawyers, judges, people etc. A family lawyer must be able to understand general principles of accounting, businesses and prepare and read financial reports. He must be able to counsel, advocate, and practice trials and rules of evidences. Planning, drafting negotiation, determination and investigation of facts are some other skills a trial lawyer should possess.

Collaborative law is a structured process that is an alternative to litigation. It is applicable to divorce proceedings and other family law disputes. It is however not applicable in all states in US. In collaborative law the parties hold their destiny in the proceedings. Each party hires a divorce attorney committed to including their clients in every collaborative meeting, discussions, and negotiations to resolve the matter out of court. The lawyers also agree not to represent their clients in court if any one of them does so. They should be gentle, understanding and unaffected by stress and client’s emotional turmoil. They should be able to represent the client’s interests considering the best interests of the child of the spouses. In Greenville South Carolina family lawyers are compassionate and understanding of clients’ interests and needs.


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