Apr 22

Brain Injuries and Legal Liability

Who Bears Legal Liability for Brain Injuries?
Traumatic brain injuries are devastating to one’s health, enjoyment of life and finances. When someone else’s negligence caused the injury, they are liable for its costs.
There are many different causes of brain injuries: About half are from auto accidents, but what is referred to as TBIs – traumatic brain injuries – can come from simple slip-and-fall accidents, industrial or workplace mishaps, violent impacts in sports and recreation, and criminal acts such as a blow to the head or a bullet wound. A brain injury usually follows an impact to the head, but severe shaking of the body can also damage brain tissue.

What individuals with TBI share are disabilities that can affect them the remainder of their lives. In addition to severely reduced or eliminated lifetime earnings, the individual suffering a brain injury will experience medical costs, expenses related to therapy and caregiving, and pain and suffering. .

Whenbrain injury is caused by someone else’s mistake, the injured individual should recover these losses through litigation.Consider these specific scenarios where the liability lies with another person’s mistake:
Negligent (including DUI) driving -As it happens in a large percentage of cases, an individual’s decision to drive recklessly or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can inflict catastrophic damage on others.

Poorly supervised athletics – Evidence mounts that amateur and professional sports can cause meaningful brain damage over time. But bad coaching, negligent oversight of athletic facilities or faulty equipment can cause immediate and serious brain injury.

Medical error -For example, -off label- use of Botox as encouraged by its manufacturer has been found responsible for a severe brain injury suffered by a Virginia man.The jury awarded him $12 million, in part to cover his 24-7 care. The

Apr 22

Scanned Documents And Their Legal Validity – Faqs

One concern which sometimes holds businesses back from investing in a document management system is whether scanned documents have any legal validity. This article answers some of the main FAQs in this area.

Are scanned documents admissible in court?

It is now well established that companies are increasingly using electronic document filing systems. Scanned documents are accepted as long as it can be proven that companies have done all they can to ensure the integrity of scanned documents.

What is BSI DISC PD0008?

BSI DISC PD0008 is the current British Standard relating to the legal admissibility of scanned documents. It outlines the benchmark of business best practice in this area. If companies follow this best practice, their scanned and other electronic documents should be legally admissible.

Scanned documents and Customs and Excise

HM Customs and Excise refers to keeping records and doesnt make a distinction between paper or electronic documents.

Its important to note though that HM Customs and Excise does make specifications about the format of your records so do take note of the guidelines on this.

Scanned documents and the Inland Revenue

Similarly to HM Customs and Excise, the Inland Revenue is quite flexible about the submission of electronic documents and again follows the guide that the law doesnt make a distinction between paper and electronic records.

You should still check with a qualified tax adviser exactly what should be kept and for how long.

Audit and policy

Businesses are advised to regularly audit their documents to enable them to identify the best system for their needs. This audit process should not be a one-off but an ongoing process to ensure that the system is still relevant and meets the legal demands of the documents.

Policy documents should cover issues such as:

File storage

Apr 21

Legal Separation in Texas

When you are encountering a marital conflict with your husband or wife and want to take a action in the direction of divorce, some partners give some thought to legal separation as a viable possibility. Legal separation is valuable if each spouses believe that that they no longer want to live collectively but would even now like to stay married, no matter whether it is a fearfulness of going by means of divorce proceedings or the hope of eventual reconciliation. In some states, this is legally identified and spouses can request alimony, child help/custody and division of house under this classification.

Even so, Texas has no provisions for legal separation, so a divorce ought to come about to legally separate the over issues. Texas, on the other hand, does identify short-term orders to be filed at the time the divorce is filed. This can assistance you make impermanent variations when the proceedings are going on.on.

Simply because there is no official documentation recognizing a legal separation in Texas, you are nevertheless technically married to your spouse for the duration of this time. In that instance, you do not have the legal proper to divide assets or need baby support, even if the husband or wife agrees. This may possibly be harmonious if the two spouses concur to the exact terms but, if a single modifications his or her mind; you will not have legal protection devoid of a divorce. You can also not remarry until the court grants dissolution of marriage.

In circumstances of abuse, either to a partner or kid, a divorce is very crucial in guarding the security of the victims. Not only should this be introduced to court underneath marital processes, but underneath criminal law, as nicely.

Although Texas does not acknowledge separation, the state does provide a “no fault divorce”

Apr 20

Glossary Of Legal Terms And Definitions

Are you interested in learning more about legal terminology and other things related to the laws where you live? If you are you will need a legal glossary and you should make sure to choose a good one. The reasons why you need a legal glossary can vary, maybe you’re a law student and need to write an essay or maybe you’re just interested in learning more about the applicable law in the place where you live.

You can learn many legal definitions by looking in the black’s law dictionary and the good thing is that you will be able to do this without spending any money on an expensive book. Instead of buying a book with all legal definitions you can use a legal online dictionary. It’s just as good and it’s free, which makes it a popular alternative.

Being a student can be quite hard since there are many expenses that needs to be paid but few incomes. It’s always good to save some money and this is one of the opportunities to save money without missing important information.

If you’re interested in legal terminology you should start searching the net for good information about the laws where you live. You will find plenty of useful information and you will also find links to more than one legal glossary. It’s important to remember that you should always use the best one though since it will be difficult to work with a legal online dictionary in which some important words are missing.

If you’re a law student you’re probably aware of the fact that law studies are very interesting and fascinating. It’s probably one of the most interesting subjects to study and it’s always good to have some knowledge regarding the law since there might

Apr 18

Dennis Ott, Attorney has Extensive Legal Experience

Dennis G Ott is an attorney with many years of legal experience and he has worked at important posts in several organizations. An immensely talented individual, Dennis Ott, Attorney has contributed his skills to the community in several forms. He has Associate City Attorney for City Of Kelso and then City of Longview for three years. While at City of Kelso, his primary duties were Municipal court Prosecuting Attorney- prosecuting infractions and misdemeanors in District and Municipal courts, he also represented Kelso Planning Commission and City Council. During his time at City of Kelso, he was also appointed as -special ambassador’ by the City Manager to welcome, greet and host civic groups including foreign delegations visiting the City of Kelso from Finland, Scotland and Japan. During his tenure with the City of Longview, Dennis G Ott investigated, prepared and presented criminal cases for about 30 bench trials per week and litigated about 2 jury trials per week, while maintaining full time civil practice.

To help common people understand law better, Dennis G Ott also produced and hosted a weekly television program for the local access television station, entitled “Know Your Law”. In this television program, Dennis G Ott conducted interviews with community and State political candidates and community leaders. The program also consisted of debates on local issues, lectures on law important to families and the community including but not limited to will, estate planning, power of attorney, community property, community property agreements, probate, probate avoidance, trusts, long term disability planning, shelter planning in the event of long term disability, applications for state and federal aid programs, domestic relations, family law, real estate law, boundary line litigation, rental property, landlord/tenant law, consumer protection, national events, business organizations, tax avoidance, asset protection and preservation.

Through the years, Dennis G

Apr 17

Morality Legal Does Not Mean Ethical

The biggest mistake many people make about ethics is to confuse ethics and the law. Many people assume that because something is legal that it is ethical. They also make the often equally big mistake of assuming that whatever is illegal is unethical.

The sad truth is that the law and ethics are often two separate things. There are many illegal activities that are unethical, murder and theft for instance. Yet there are also many illegal activities that may not be unethical such speeding in your car or smoking in a restaurant.

Being legal does not make an activity ethical because the law is not always based on ethics. Many unethical business practices such as making false claims in the name of customer service may not be illegal for example.

Just because something is legal does not mean you should engage in it. Even though it can be legal to make questionable claims to sale your product you shouldn’t do it. Another example is in journalism, even though it is legal for journalists to use anonymous sources it is not necessary ethical to do so.

Always Be Aware of the Difference between Ethics and the Law
A person, especially a business person, should always be aware of the difference between the law and ethics. Many unethical business practices are not illegal, for example a restaurant could sell cheap cuts of meat as premium cuts of meat. This wouldn’t be illegal but it would certainly be unethical.

Do not use the law as an excuse to indulge in unethical behavior. In particular don’t use it as license to engage in questionable or unethical business practices.

Lies and deception are almost always unethical especially in business, even though they are usually legal. Not servicing products you sell

Apr 16

Online Legal Transcription Companies In The Us

Legal transcription outsourcing has become a necessity for the legal community. Online legal transcription companies in the US transcribe legal documents for lawyers, attorneys and others professionals and help them maintain organized legal records in their practices.

US Based Legal Transcription Firms Ensure a Range of Benefits
If you have a plan to outsource your legal transcription work, choose an established online legal transcription company in the US that offers quality legal transcription solutions. Online legal transcription companies in the US
offer the following benefits

* Reduce the workload of legal professionals
* Provide them with more time to concentrate on core competencies
* Enhance efficiency and productivity
* Minimize file backlog
* Maintain accurate and updated legal records
* Provide legal records in easy to use file formats

Outsourcing transcription tasks to professional legal transcription does away with the need to maintain in-house infrastructure for the job.

Error free Transcripts in Minimum Turnaround Time

Established online legal transcription companies in the US have skilled professionals, innovative technology, equipment and software tools to undertake the transcription requirements of legal entities in minimum turnaround time. These experts in these firms are trained in legal terminology and jargon and ensure error-free transcripts for legal dictations. They transcribe legal documents like deposition statements, briefs, reports, wire tap, witness statements, interrogatories, testimonies, interviews, letters, opinions, court transcripts, general correspondence, public hearings, interrogations, law office recordings, presentations, arbitrations, seminars and conferences, memorandums, letters, and court proceedings with exceptional efficiency. They can deal with all aspects of law such as family law, human rights, human resources, employment, criminal law,
personal injury, and clinical negligence. To ensure quality transcripts without errors, the transcribed files are checked at three levels by experienced proofreaders, senior editors and legal experts.

Checklist to

Apr 13

Important Ideas For A Legal Outsourcing

With the history of the global financial trouble devastating much of the business world in recent years a trend has flourished, the outsourcing of routine legal work to specialist companies. The GFC and the next double dip recessions in much of the world have led businesses, large and small, to consider a lot more artistic price cutting plans. Outsourcing is certainly not new, and with technology moving forward to assist globalisation outsourcing to firms outside of your own country of business origin is getting increasingly more general.

Legal outsourcing is normally considered in house lawyers sending the more regular and time intensive components of their work, just like contract drafting and document review, to generally speaking Indian -super-firms’. However it isn’t simply for the global companies like Rio Tinto and Macquarie Bank, it is usually utilised to equally great effect by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). There is certainly substantial untapped prospects for SMEs to outsource large quantities of the legal work they would usually take to a local firm to specialist drafting and review firms anywhere in the world.

How it may benefit your enterprise? Value: The primary advantage to your company from legal outsourcing is price, it is usually drastically reduced. Look at the demonstration of an employment contract, getting a local firm will need time supplying guidelines, time spent drafting, time spent studying drafts, and then analyzing the final product, all of which is charged at per hour rate. Legal outsourcing firms however often demand a fixed price for the final product and quite often consist of revision in this price. It is also probable to consult with a local firm for tips and even overview of something you have drafted by an outsourcing firm; this however will be a fraction of the time spent

Apr 12

Legal Problem Solved By Bailbond in Oklahoma City

Life is unpredictable. You never know when the most innocent of circumstances can spiral out of control and you might find yourself in legal trouble. For instance, you moved out of one apartment in Oklahoma City and into another one in Midwest City. Your old roommate invited you over to watch a great DVD she just bought, but her mother called so she left you alone watching the movie in your old apartment. Someone called the police and said you were breaking and entering. The police arrived, didn’t believe your version of the events and took you into custody. Panic sets in and you wonder, how did this happen me, a law abiding-upstanding citizen. How do I get out of jail? You are booked and fingerprinted. You need a Bailbond in Oklahoma City.

Posting a bond is the easiest way to get out of jail. If the accused had to remain in jail until the case was adjudicated, it would be expensive for both taxpayers and the defendant. Remaining in jail would put a strain on the defendant’s family relationships and might cost him his job. The judge sets an amount for bail and the accused or his family enters into a contract with a bail bondsman who puts up the bond. A bond is money pledging that the accused person will appear in court each time he is summoned by the judge. The bail bondsman charges a nonrefundable fee for his services. In cases where large amounts of bail have been assigned by the court, the bail bondsman may require collateral such as a car, a boat or other property.ty.

As part of the agreement for the service, whoever signs the bail bond agrees that he or she will pay the entire amount of the bail if the accused

Apr 07

How the Current Recession has Affected the Legal Industry

No matter what industry you ask, the current economic climate has affected everyone in America. There are very few industries that are recession-proof and it shows with condensed individual earnings, tremendous unemployment rates, manufacturers going out of business and more. The legal industry, while many alleged would be recession-proof because there will always be a need for lawyers, has also taken a hit. Here are a few positive and negative factors the present recession has affected the legal industry.
Law firms of all sizes and years of expertise closed their doors because of a lack of business or because higher management didn’t have the information on how to run smoothly to stay open.
Lawyers, legal assistants, management, paralegals, and among others were forced to take a cut in their earnings, give up bonuses, or were just laid off because of budget cuts and a low demand for work. And those people who were booted were directed to look into staffing agencies for full-time work or sought after higher education and refresher classes to make themselves more appealing to law firms looking to hire more workers.
There’s been a need for legal representation for people looking to be spoken for in court for financial and other legal causes. Big corporations looking for legal action alongside each other have also needed to allot lawyers to stand for them in the courts, keeping law firms demanding throughout the recession.
Paralegal staffing companies may have seen that they had to work with a smaller number of clients because they were either too frantic with other extensive cases or weren’t given enough resources to finish their work.
Those in the need for legal help are allowed to be choosy about which firm they would like to work with because lawyers are still fighting for their

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