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Legal Recourse After Wrongful Repossession

The recent economic downturn has created financial difficulties for many consumers. As a result, the number of vehicle repossessions has increased in recent years. There is also evidence that a higher number of wrongful repossessions are taking place, which presents problems for consumers who may not fully understand their legal rights and consequently may fail to act when their vehicles are wrongfully repossessed. In most cases, lenders cannot repossess your vehicle unless certain conditions are met; these include:
your loan must be in default at the time of the repossession
if late payments have been repeatedly accepted, the lender must give you advance warning in writing of their intent to repossess the vehicle

Also, some actions taken by the repo company may also be illegal. For example, the repossession company can’t threaten you or your family with physical harm or use force against you. Repo companies are also forbidden from breaking into your home or locked garage or using a master or duplicate key to gain entry to a locked area. These acts are considered a breach of the peace and usually lead to a wrongful repossession .

If my vehicle was wrongfully repossessed, what should I do?
If you believe the lender or repossession company acted improperly in repossessing your vehicle, its essential to obtain competent legal advice about your options. An attorney specializing in consumer credit and repossession issues can advise you about your legal rights, including the right to sue the lender or repossession company for damages. You may be able to collect damages that can sometimes exceed the value of the repossessed vehicle and any deficiency balance you owe.

Document every interaction you have with the lender and the repo company. This information will be important in the event you do

Mar 25

Famous Novels and Books about Lawyers and the Legal Process – Law and Entertainment

Millions of books have been written about lawyers, their amazing cases, and all the excitement that can surround a courtroom battle. In novels, you never know what the author is going to do next. Many authors who write novels featuring attorneys and the legal process actually do have experience in the area, or do extensive research to make things as realistic as possible.

John Grisham is arguably the most well-known author writing about the legal system. In fact, books featuring lawyers and the legal process really got a boost when his book, The Firm, became a bestseller. He has since brought forward a number of interesting trials and lawyers put into unique situations, from The Pelican Brief to The Street Lawyer.

Billy Budd was written by Herman Melville and focuses on the law while out to sea. Zeroing in on the Mutiny Act, the main character of Billy Budd is sentenced to death by Captain Vere for killing another sailor. An older tale, but still widely read, Melville’s story captures a different time of attorneys and legal processes.

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird has always held wide appeal; it takes the view of a young child examining her life and the trial her father works on in a small Southern town. Race and discrimination have a large focus throughout the book, and this novel has become a widely read classic throughout the country.

Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow is the story of a man whose former lover was murdered, and now he is on trial for the crime. Putting readers on the edge of their seats, this book was eventually transformed into a film that starred Harrison Ford.

Anatomy of a Murder by Robert Traver was another tale penned that focused on the drama of the court. Traver is actually a pen name and

Mar 24

Are Stun Guns Legal in Illinois

Many people wonder if stun guns and/or Tasers (R) are legal in their state. Many states have either partial or total restrictions on these, while some states have absolutely no restrictions. Tasers (R) are actually a certain type of stun gun; they work in the same way. A regular stun gun, whether it’s a small hand held device, a cell phone look-a-like, a flashlight, or a baton, incapacitates an attacker by draining his muscles of energy, making him drop to the ground for a short period of time, but long enough for a victim to escape. A Taser (R) has probes that shoot out up to 15′, attach to the clothing of the attacker and incapacitates him.

In Illinois, a stungun or Taser (R) can only be sold to someone who holds a valid Illinois FOID card (Firearm Owner’s Identification Card). The seller must keep a record of the sale for 10 years, same as for a firearm purchase. A licensed firearms dealer must run a background check on the purchaser and there is a waiting period of 24 hrs, same as for long guns, shotguns and rifles. In the city of Chicago, where its longstanding gun ban has been lifted thanks to the Supreme Court, the new ordinances address guns, but these probably apply to stun guns and Tasers (R) also. It’s best to check with your local law enforcement officials to be sure.

So, are stun guns legal in Illinois? The answer is yes and no, depending on where you live and whether or not you have a FOID card. Even if you are qualified to possess a stungun, Illinois is not a “concealed carry” state, so it’s best to be discreet about carrying a stungun with you for protection and know the law.

As with any self defense weapon, the

Mar 22

Hiring Legal Transcription Services – Some Tips To Consider

Law firms are busy places with a large volume of legal files to transcribe and document. Legal professionals are under a lot of pressure as they have to meet and satisfy their clients needs within strict deadlines. If law firms decide to perform in-house transcription, they would have to hire legal transcriptionists to do the work as well as invest in the necessary technology. So if you are a legal professional, a highly recommendable option is to hire legal transcription services. Here is an overview of the services you can benefit from as well as some tips to consider when choosing a service provider.

Today, a legal transcription company can promise accurate and safe legal transcription services for briefs, client letters, general correspondence, court proceedings, interrogations, judgments, legal pleadings, memorandums, presentations, regular recordings, subpoenas, trials, wire tap, and much more.

With a team of skilled legal transcriptionists, a reliable legal transcription company can deliver timely and accurate transcripts to meet your needs. The service provider would work with advanced technology and transcription management software to help you organize your documentation needs in the required format.

Important tips to go by when you look for legal transcription services are:

Accuracy: Accuracy is crucial for legal records. A competent service provider can ensure transcribed documents with accuracy levels of up to 99 percent.

Turnaround time: Established legal transcription companies can assure delivery of the completed transcripts in fast turnaround time (TAT). Some even customize TAT to suit client needs.

Dictation options: Look for convenient dictation options such as toll-free telephone or digital recording.

Expert team: There is no doubt that expert transcriptionists can provide good quality work as to satisfy the clients specific needs. They should be well versed with legal terminology and related matters. Another key factor to check for is quality checks.

Mar 22

Arrive At The Meaning Of Some Of The Legal Terms

The legal dictionary of monolingual or multilingual is a useful place where you can get the meaning of most legal terms. There are special legal dictionaries available in bilingual languages. Any user that has German, Spanish, France or Italian origin will be able to find the equivalent English term in a bilingual legal dictionary. There are many legal terms that are related to international commerce and related law. Together they help the lawyers in the United States and also those in European Countries or other nations to achieve uniformity when they are trying to arrive at the meaning of some of the legal terms.

A legal dictionary is a helpful reference tool for attorneys that are researching on legal issues on an international level. Specialized legal dictionary provides with words, terms and abbreviations that are not found in any ordinary general type legal dictionary. Apart from legal terminology a specialized legal dictionary also gives the nicknames and acronyms for organizations and also they will have some documented dates for some events. Many of the Foreign terms that are frequently used in the legal field are mentioned and documented in specialized legal dictionary.

A legal dictionary that specializes in given legal abbreviations will also be useful for lawyers and document writers, legal secretaries, paralegals, and students of law. Lists of legal abbreviations, symbols and acronyms used in the legal field, legal encyclopedia, law reporting, legal treaties, and legal reference books is a real need to understand the exact terminology associated with the abbreviation.

When surfing the internet, many researchers will run in to unfamiliar foreign terms in law with foreign language idioms and terms. Even those that are making translations of legal documents from one language to other using online translator software will find the legal dictionary to be a useful tool to making

Mar 21

Legal For Trade Scale- Makes Weight Measurement Easy, Accurate And Transparent

The phrase, legal for trade scale means, a weighing scale, which is granted the legal permission to be used for commercial operation. Such a scale is used for weight measurement in a manufacturing, retail or trading facility where accuracy in the weight is of paramount importance. The National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) runs a program called National Type Evaluation Program or NTEP to oversee the enforcement of guidelines laid out in handbook 44 of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The program ensures that manufacturers, users and officials from the department of weights and measures interact and cooperate with each other, and implement the guidelines of the program so that manufacturer can manufacture and sell the legal for trade scale for commercial purpose, without compromising the quality.

A legal for trade scale ensures fairness and transparency during the commercial weighing operation because it has a legal for trade indent marked on it. This mark guarantees accuracy in measurement because the concerned weighing scale is manufactured and tested according to the guidelines of the program. To make the weighing process more transparent, the weighing scale, which does not have a dual display unit, is marked as not for direct sales. This latest addition, aims to make it compulsory for all such scales to have a dual display unit instead of a single unit. A dual display unit allows the customer to have a clear and direct view of the weight reading. Hence from now on legal for trade scales, which have a dual display unit, will be used where both end user and customer are present during the weighing operation.

Before a weighing scale is indented with the legal for trade scale mark it has to under go a series of stringent tests. The scale is subject to

Mar 20

How does Legal Separation differ from Divorce

Legal separation is where a married couple legally separate without getting divorced. During this legal process decisions regarding children (such as custody, visitation rights and maintenance payments) and financial issues (such as debt, mortgages and assets) are decided upon. It is really an official separation, going further than simply living apart but not as far as getting a divorce. After a legal separation a couple are still legally married but live separate lives. They are formally living apart and the courts may be used if there are any disputes.

In some ways a legal separation is like a divorce, with the most obvious reason being that the couple are not living together. If a couple have children similar arrangements need to be made as they would were they divorcing, either through agreement or through the courts. Where each spouse lives and who pays for it needs to be established as does who has access to shared funds or assets.

So, why do couples choose legal separation instead of just getting divorced? Some opt for this because they dont like the idea of getting divorced, possibly for religious reasons or they dont want the stigma of being divorced. Often couples use legal separation as a trial to see if they would like to stay together or divorce. It gives them time and space to make a decision. They may find that living apart makes them realise they miss each other and want things to return to the way they were, or they may want to be separated permanently. Sometimes legal separation leads to divorce, sometimes it leads to reconciliation and sometimes they remain separated without getting divorced.

Although some couples remain separated for good without divorcing, this is fairly rare. If they are not going to remain together as a couple

Mar 19

Watch The Reader Movie Online – Legal Way, How

If you are a movie buff who gets engrossed watching period drama movies, then, The Reader, starring Academy Award nominees Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes, is one that is sure to entertain you this festive season.
**To Watch the Reader Movie online visit the link in the resource box under this article.

This movie is a neo-classic love story that takes place during the post World War II in Germany. The Reader is slated to hit the theaters on the 12th of December. The Reader is an adaptation of the very popular and best selling novel by Bernard Schlink.

The movie tells about the love affair of a 15 year old boy Michael (David Kross) first love affair with a woman named Hanna (Kate Winslet) who is much older than him. An illness brings these two characters together and the romance and sexual encounters between these two characters forms the base of the story. Then, one day, suddenly Hanna vanishes without any information. After eight years, Michael, a law student, finds her as a defendant in a war crime trail. Michael is upset that he had fallen in love with an evil woman and whether he denounces her or understands her feelings and problems forms the crux of the story.

The older mans role of Michael is played to perfection by Ralph Fiennes. David Hare is the screenplay writer for this movie directed by Academy Award nominee director Stephen Daldry. The other star cast in the movie, The Reader, includes Nicole Kidman, Bruno Ganz and Lena Olin. The producers of the movie are: Sydney Pollack, Antony Minghella and Scott Rudin. The intense scenes between Hanna and Michael are very well captured on camera and blends perfectly with the movie.

There is no doubt that you will

Mar 19

Understanding the Legal Implications of Discrimination

Any discriminatory practice at the workplace can have serious consequences. If you feel that any decision on the part of your employer is discriminatory in nature, it is better to talk to an attorney right away. New Jersey discrimination laws dictate that an employer cannot discriminate on certain grounds.

What are these grounds? These include race, religion, creed, nationality, sex, color, physical or mental disability, national origin, age, ancestry, affection or sexual orientation, marital status, or liability for military service. Genetic discrimination is also illegal in the state.

The New Jersey Law against Discrimination is broader than the federal law in two significant aspects. While the Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects individuals over 40, the New Jersey law protects individuals under 40 as well. Persons above 70 years of age can also file suits on all grounds, except failure to hire.

Moreover, while the federal Americans with Disabilities Act requires an individual to have a substantial limitation of a life activity, it is not so with the state laws. Therefore, the state law provides a better protection for employees. It is better to consult a lawyer specializing in the state laws to handle your case.

If you think there is a violation to any of these, it is wise to file a complaint immediately. You can file it at the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights (DCR) or the agency operated by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However, before you take up the case with either, it is important to talk to a legal practitioner.

The federal agency would only take up your case if your employer employs more than 15 individuals at work. Otherwise, you have to take up the case with the DCR. The DCR has a deadline of 180

Mar 18

Benefits of Hiring a Legal Transcription Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing legal documentation tasks has become a convenient option for most law firms. Legal entities have to spend considerable time, amount and resources for carrying legal transcription tasks in-house. They stand to gain a lot when they entrust the task of to a reliable service provider. An experienced legal transcription outsourcing company helps lawyers, attorneys and other legal professionals to get their documentation work completed quickly and accurately and save the time and money necessary to do this task within their office.

These firms can provide documentation solutions for all types of legal audio and video recordings – court tapes, court transcripts, depositions, motions, jury instructions, pleadings, client letters, and more.

Advantages of Partnering with the Right Service Provider

Outsourcing legal documentation jobs to a professional company can offer solid advantages in terms of money, resources and time. Four main benefits of hiring a professional legal transcription outsourcing company are

Error-free, Timely and Secure Legal Documentation – Law firms deal with a wide variety of legal documents on a daily basis. A reputable legal transcription outsourcing company can provide accurate legal reports and documents in time to meet even the most stringent legal deadlines. They would also ensure complete confidentiality of data provided for transcription with several measures for safe handling of the files as well as secure modes of file transmission through the Internet.

Top QA system – A professional transcription company is dedicated to providing top quality transcription services for its clients. As part of this, it would have a standardized QA system in place to deliver highly accurate results. Multi-level quality checks are implemented to provide results with an accuracy level as high as 99%. Experienced and skilled editors, proofreaders and legal experts check the transcripts for accuracy before delivery.

Cost Savings – Outsourcing legal transcription tasks is more cost-effective

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